how Rockstar RollOn can help ease “back to school”

back to school. excitement, stress, anticipation, anxiety… our kids are dealing with so many kinds of stress these days, how can Rockstar RollOn help? first let’s talk the obvious: acne, little bumps on the skin, blisters, cold sores, scratches, rashes, curious spots… but imagine if in your backpack, your pocket, your wallet, you have a READ MORE

Rockstar RollOn, your kid’s face, and acne treatment

As a mom, finding an acne treatment without chemicals that works was a big factor in developing Rockstar RollOn. Because hormones are tough on the skin, and acne is tough on a kid’s self-image. Giant understatement, I know – we all remember 🙂 Then couple all those hormones with everyday life, dirt and air pollution, READ MORE