Rockstar RollOn ~ Original


Years of keeping myself & my family healthy with sustainable, plant-based products led me to develop Rockstar RollOn, a child-safe, topical blend of pure botanicals and organic jojoba. 10ml amber glass bottle with stainless steel roller ball.

RockStar RollOn for your face


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I have been using botanicals to keep myself & my family healthy ~ without chemicals or mysterious side effects ~ ever since my son was born. Each botanical has different properties, just like the plants they come from, and are good for different things. Some oils work in harmony when blended with others. Some oils don’t.

Rockstar RollOn ~ Original is my core blend of oils that consistently helps me heal and prevent many everyday heath challenges for my family. This is the my first repeatable formula ~ after years of experimentation ~ that just works.

This is the blend that healed the stitches and bruising around my eyes after surgery so quickly that the doctor couldn’t believe it.

This is the blend I use as an acne treatment on my early teenage son to keep bacteria & inflammation at a minimum. Because its convenient and discreet enough, he actually uses it! He’ll also ask for it when it comes to bug bites, cuts and sunburn.

This is the blend that works on cat scratches that used to leave me dizzy. I have four cats, love them madly, but am completely allergic.

This is the blend I roll on the kids wrists, neck and face when one is coming down with something. This is what works to keep colds & the flu at bay (great for airports!). When I didn’t have any made up ~ yep, full on sick.

This is the blend that has made my five inch abdominal incision from cancer surgery virtually invisible.

This is the blend that has helped heal way too many “why did I pick at that?!” spots.

This is Rockstar RollOn ~ Original. Strong enough to enhance your natural healing, support your immune system and relieve the inflammation of acne, bites and sunburns. Easy to carry with you and use anywhere, safe and “cool” enough for kids to actually use.

Like anything else, now that more people are using it, they’re using Rockstar RollOn for far more than I ever imagined. the most important thing? It’s working!


Rockstar RollOn Original