Rockstar RollOn ~ Entourage


Our original phyto-cannabinoid rich botanical formula combined with super-critical sea buckthorn oil and 333mg CBD in full-spectrum hemp oil. 10ml amber glass bottle with stainless steel roller ball.

Formulated specifically for targeted inflammation reduction & topical pain relief.

Rockstar RollOn


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This is the most intense RollOn I make and is mainly recommended for targeting troublesome spots, swollen lymph nodes or providing deep relief to aching joints and muscles.

This is also my personal go-to blend for minimizing wrinkles/skin tags and scarring from cuts, wounds and any kind of burn & stitches. great for rashes, eczema, bruises, varicose veins and nail infections. I have also found it amazing at quickly relieving untimely acne inflammation before a night out or important interview.

Rockstar RollOn ~ Entourage adds 333mg of organic, full spectrum crude hemp oil, loaded with the healing, anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD and over 100 additional active cannabinoid acids, all of which have proven medical benefits.

In synergy with the higher concentration of botanicals and super critical extracts, early users have confirmed my own amazement at how quickly the full spectrum hemp version of Rockstar RollOn ~ Entourage relieves pains and discomfort, aligning with more sophisticated research that’s shown “promising results for the use of CBD oil in relieving chronic pain”.

Rockstar RollOn


This pain relieving formula, now with sea buckthorn oil, will help your skin recover from its more extreme challenges. Think wicked insect bites, red, inflamed or irritated skin, sunburn, acne and swollen lymph nodes.


Rockstar RollOn Entourage

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