fading spider veins & varicose veins w/ Rockstar RollOn

personally, I am a map of spider veins and pregnancy left me with one really lovely varicose vein cluster on my ankle. so when formulating Rockstar RollOn, one of my goals was to create a formula that encourages circulation and blood flow and strengthens the capillary walls in our blood vessels. the Rockstar RollOn formula READ MORE

Rockstar RollOn, your kid’s face, and acne treatment

As a mom, finding an acne treatment without chemicals that works was a big factor in developing Rockstar RollOn. Because hormones are tough on the skin, and acne is tough on a kid’s self-image. Giant understatement, I know – we all remember 🙂 Then couple all those hormones with everyday life, dirt and air pollution, READ MORE

so, I picked at my face …

…again. I know, cardinal rule, don’t pick.  but I have always struggled with this and will most likely continue to do so. Rock Star RollOn is in part, “damage control” for this very bad habit. quick back story on this picking incident and subsequent damage control protocol. post holidays, I find myself with a persistent READ MORE