“Honey, it’s Blue!” ~ Yes, herbal medicine knows!

Herbal medicine practitioners have long known the benefits of blue tansy, blue cypress and blue yarrow. But the color itself can still be startling, even in a plant-based, natural skin care product like Rockstar RollOn.

Reduce inflammation ~ by any means necessary

I’ve learned that the key to me feeling better is to reduce inflammation in my body. Period. It gets hard to explain when you can’t always *see* the inflammation – like a bruise. But today, I read this terrific article from Boom by Cindy Joseph. She explains so well and simply how even the little READ MORE

fading spider veins & varicose veins w/ Rockstar RollOn

personally, I am a map of spider veins and pregnancy left me with one really lovely varicose vein cluster on my ankle. so when formulating Rockstar RollOn, one of my goals was to create a formula that encourages circulation and blood flow and strengthens the capillary walls in our blood vessels. the Rockstar RollOn formula READ MORE