Become a Rockstar RollOn Affiliate

Thank you for wanting to share Rockstar RollOn with the wider world! We’ve worked to make our affiliate program as simple as possible to help more people experience the magic of healing ourselves.

How It Works

  • Once approved, you can refer people to Rockstar RollOn two ways: by affiliate link or by coupon code. Both can be customized.
  • Affiliate link cookies are good for 30 days from last referral’s last click. Coupon code referrals are credited on successful checkout.
  • Your referral fee is always 15% of the total sale excluding shipping and sales tax (if applicable).
  • Payments to you are made via PayPal every $100 of referral fees you earn. Once approved, log in and set your PayPal email in the affiliate dashboard and you’re done!

What To Expect

  • Fill out and submit the form on the right to get started.
  • Choose a good affiliate name to align with your brand as it will display to audiences in links and coupon codes. This also works as your login user name and can’t be easily changed.
  • We will review you request and get back to you as soon as possible. Once approved, we will contact you directly with your enabled login to the affiliate dashboard where you can grab your first links and coupon code.
  • Your contact for affiliate questions & customizations is

Read full details on our Affiliate Terms page ~ you have to agree to them to sign up! If you still have questions after that, let us know at the affiliate email above.