To Buy Our CBD Oil Blends Online ~ Call Direct and Save

Rockstar RollOn at JDubs, Sarasota, 73 Flea

I know, I know ~ “why do I have to call you to buy CBD oil online?”

Well, despite CBD products of all kinds, not just CBD creams or oils, supposedly now able to be “easily purchased online or in retail stores across the country” (see below), credit card/merchant services that support CBD sales to small merchants have finicky requirements, exorbitant fees, lengthy applications and sometimes, just aren’t available at all.

After investing way too much time to acquire this knowledge for ourselves, we decided could do much better both for ourselves and for you without online sales support.

(With a couple of clicks, you can still buy our Original blends online without CBD right here)

Reduced fees and hassles for us

In trying to build a better online shopping experience for everyone that includes our CBD oil blends Rockstar RollOn ~ Entourage and Rockstar Woman, we had to find a new merchant that explicitly supports CBD, as our original vendor did not.

Despite hemp-derived CBD like ours being legal at the federal level, merchant services still charge “high risk” fees and withhold a large percentage of our actual proceeds to cover charge backs for months. They also have time-consuming application processes, often with unusual requirements.

Hemp-derived CBD is legal in all 50 states

So it might be easy to buy CBD oil online or CBD creams from large retailers, but its not “easily sold” if you’re a small brand like us just starting out. Its crazy.

But after thinking about it, I remembered that I first started this line of natural skin care products to help people feel better, not the banks.

Then I thought about how much I miss meeting and talking to you all ~ I cannot say this enough ~ with COVID cancelling all of my local markets, Indie Beauty and other trade shows, too.

And like you maybe, I’m already tired of Zoom.

Reduced prices and personal answers for you

Rockstar RollOn ~ buy CBD oil onlineIf we’ve never met in person, I’m guessing you may have questions about trying Rockstar RollOn, the botanicals we use or maybe just CBD creams and oils in general. These are the kinds of questions we get to talk through in person at shows and markets, so why not now?

Just text me a time to talk, or call me during business hours EST at 619-232-5999. Ask questions, share your experiences and get the 15% market discount you’d get if we were hanging out together at JDubs here in Sarasota on a Saturday night. We can work out the cash once you’re ready to order.

I so look forward to hearing from you!