Love yourself more with Rockstar Woman

Love yourself - wake your chakras!

To love yourself as a woman and become who you want to be, I believe embracing your sexual health and wellness is essential.

Many of us struggle with past trauma, stressful career/family situations and/or health issues at all ages that can block fulfillment of intimacy and desire.

Even just a basic understanding how the endocannabinoid system works to regulate our general well being suggests that cannabinoids could play a part in improved women’s health when it comes to our sexual fulfillment and well being.

As it turns out, scientific researchers have found a chemical correlation to back this notion up.

” Results revealed a significant relationship between endocannabinoid concentrations and female sexual arousal…”

National Institute of Health

Your Root Chakra

The Seven ChakrasWe women have cannabinoid receptors throughout our pelvic region, particularly in the vulva and perineum. Where we have lymph nodes ~ under arm, neck, groin, between joints ~ we generally have cannabinoid receptors.

This vital region is also known the root chakra of Tantric meditation systems, the most fundamental nexus of you psychic and physical energies in your body.

When it comes to health and wellness and becoming more able to really love yourself, I point this out because

“Sexuality is influenced by the first chakra as it relates to procreation and survival. In this, sexuality is used to establish security, power/dominance, and/or safety.”

Wellness In Harmony

Love yourself, love your partnerI’m sure you’ve felt this connection in your life, too.

The stronger the chemistry with your partner, the stronger you feel as an individual.

The more we can realize love with the full powers of our combined body and mind, the more secure, safe and empowered we feel.

Love yourself with Rockstar Woman

I formulated Rockstar Woman specifically to activate our endocannabinoid system at the root chakra. Applying to our intimate soft tissues there speeds botanical terpenes and cannabinoids directly to our endocannabinoid receptors. A simpler blend of botanicals with a full 333mg of CBD measured into every bottle, Rockstar Woman is gently increases circulation, moisturizes, lubricates and brings a subtle, reassuring warming sensation throughout.

Users have reported that Rockstar Woman brings natural pain relief to the lower back and related cramping and muscle aches familiar to many of us each month.

AR November 25, 2019

Used in the bedroom as a natural lubricant, Rockstar Woman has generated even more rave reviews.

SW November 25, 2019

Rockstar Woman ~ Love Yourself!Try Rockstar Woman to wake up your first chakra, increase circulation and vibrancy, and encourage your body to feel fulfilled, balanced and healthy. Love yourself. If it works for you like it does for me, and has for so may clients, please tell a friend or two.

Because every woman deserves to feel this good, and my one wish in creating Rockstar Woman was to help every woman become who they really want to be.