so I lost my sh*t on the plane…

…because I had to run through the airport trying to make our flight connection 

and in my rush to deplane, I think I left half of my magic “chacapuca” aka ~ toiletries bag in the airplane seat as I tried (in vain) to make the last flight out of chicago to our holiday destination.

so many fun little travel sized products, bug repellent, body lotion, stress relieving mints for travel (a sweet gift!) some really fab eye creme of which i had a fresh new sample.


but a huge shout out to my Rockstar RollOn ~ for being my absolute rockstar and doing just about everything for me on this trip! 

let’s start with the super stressful, “no mam’ we cannot retrieve your luggage, and no mam’ we don’t have another flight for you and your family until friday” this was tuesday … on it went.  

thank heavens for my RollOn as it kept my stress levels at bay.  it also acted in place of my thieves spray, which I totally hope was found by someone who recognized the score.  Rockstar RollOn is really antibacterial, anti viral etc. so at least we were covered there (bit expensive for merely antibacterial, but in a pinch, well it works!)

then my hangnail.  not going to bore you with gory details, but this is my stress, right here in my cuticles.  so if I happen to start picking, the roll on works beautifully to help me stop, and help whatever I did get going, heal. especially when all of my bandaids are most likely sliding in between that airline seat…

while Rockstar RollOn is always my kids go to for face, I had packed a lovely sample of a serum from my favorite 100%Pure .  again, hoping that whoever found that little gem treasures it… sigh.  but suffice to say, Rockstar RollOn was my rockstar and kept my little wrinkle lines at bay, kept my sun and wind “kissed” skin soothed and helped me to fall asleep easily, no matter what waters we were rocking that night.  your first aid of beauty, it is just exactly what Rockstar RollOn is.