Reduce inflammation ~ by any means necessary

Me ~ when I'm doing it right

I’ve learned that the key to me feeling better is to reduce inflammation in my body. Period.

It gets hard to explain when you can’t always *see* the inflammation – like a bruise. But today, I read this terrific article from Boom by Cindy Joseph. She explains so well and simply how even the little stresses of daily life can cause inflammation, and how to reduce negative impacts on our skin, our bodies, ourselves.

Any amount of meditative awareness you can bring to your day reduces your cortisol levels and calms inflammation. That will lead to more radiant skin.

~ Cindy Joseph

Before surviving colon cancer, inflammation meant no more to me than a sore knee or tennis elbow ~ or hammer elbow in my case 😉

Now I know ~ as anyone who has battled cancer knows ~ that anti-inflammatory everything is really the only way through.

reduce inflammation by eating differently

Me ~ when I'm doing it rightSo much food we like actually causes inflammation.

So given my own experience surviving colon cancer, I believe healing yourself has to somehow start with an everything anti-inflammation diet such as these authors describe.

Getting a grip on our sugar addictions is another super important opening move to reduce inflammation.

This is me when I’m doing it right.

reduce inflammation by treating differently

Turning to herbal medicine for plant-based anti-inflammatory remedies instead of synthetic ones also makes a huge difference, in my opinion, by reducing our exposure our liver and kidney toxicity.

Many botanicals in addition to cannabis have been shown to offer natural pain relief by reducing inflammation, and may also improve our chances of avoiding degenerative disease.

For instance, in many scientific studies turmeric has been shown to reduce inflammation and swelling, and has become a common over-the-counter, herbal medicine alternative to pharmaceuticals known as NSAIDs or synthetic “non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs”.

reduce inflammation by shopping differently

Choosing anti-inflammatory body and skin care products also reduces our exposure to cancer causing substances, and is one of the reasons turmeric and other botanicals are the magic in my Entourage blends. It’s why we only use organic jojoba and coconut oils as carriers, and never use synthetics, ever.

I know we all feel better without inflammation, because inflammation causes pain, adds to our daily stress and blocks our daily progress, whether we are aware of it or not. And like I always say, when we feel better we can be better.

its really that simple.