how Rockstar RollOn helps your hands

hands are sort of an obsession for me so when formulating Rockstar RollOn, I had a few specific goals in mind ~ heal cracked cuticles, cure nail infections and bring relief to painful, swollen joints

oh my thumbs, I am talking about you sometimes…

I remember my dad once saying to me, “don’t have a profession, like me, where you are completely reliant on your hands to make your living, it is too easy to injure them” this said to me right after doing something colossally stupid on the ski slope

so of course I become a metalsmith 🙂

as a smith, my hands suffer all sorts of abuse. nail injuries and nail infections ~ a steel graver slips while setting a gemstone and oops! up under the nail it goes, pain like I can’t even!

and let’s talk about burns … most of mine happen while cooking rather than forging, so just suffice to say, Rockstar RollOn totally rocks at healing burns

but the most aggravating hand problem? painful joints. the women in my family grow some crooked fingers as we age and while I will wear that badge with honor, I don’t want the pain that comes from swollen knuckles and joints

Rockstar RollOn’s synergistic blend of phytonutrients ~ terpenes, flavonoids, polyphenols and CBD rich phytocannabinoids helps heal hands so quickly. you don’t need to understand the science, as cool as it is, just know that Rockstar RollOn will help to heal what ails your hands

oh and the side effects? softer hands, more even skin tone and strong healthy joints

and it may help lessen the appearance of scars, however I don’t think I ever want to lose mine, they were too hard earned 🙂