Rockstar RollOn DIY sheet mask

sheet masks! where have you been my whole life?!

I love the ease of these masks, how you can put one on, no goo to wipe off if the UPS man suddenly needs a signature 🙂 oh and how my skin feels afterwards, dare I say “plump”? definitely calmed and soothed

but, all the freakin’ chemicals they put in some of those sheet masks! if you aren’t careful, you end up with red, blotchy, itchy skin. one time my lips felt numb. eeeew. so choose your masks carefully

in typical heather fashion, I had to come up with a DIY sheet mask solution

and … for Mother’s Day, I would like to share with you my recipe and the ingredients you need to make your own Rockstar RollOn sheet mask recipe at home

with your Rockstar RollOn orders this month, I will send you a couple of compressed cotton sheet masks and an organic green tea bag. I want you to have the aloe (but cannot ship this!) so this is your incentive; go get yourself an aloe plant, your skin will thank you for the rest of time. honestly, no home should be without one (says the metalsmith!)

first, brew a very very strong cup of green tea, i use no more than 1/4 cup of water. once the tea is good and strong, cool it in the fridge and prepare your work space.

on clean skin, apply a full layer of Rockstar RollOn. next apply a thick layer of aloe vera, ideally scraped from the inside of your fresh plant stalk!

now place your compressed cotton pellet in a little cup and pour just enough green tea over the mask to make is swell. now simply cover your face and relax.

get creative, if you have a serum or cream that you love, layer it over your Rockstar RollOn instead of or with the aloe

so if I am not treating myself to my favorite commercial masks from 100% Pure, I make my own 🙂