lumps and bumps and lymph nodes

lumps and bumps that mysteriously appear on our bodies can be scary and for anyone who has ever had cancer. they certainly can trigger a whole bunch of unpleasant (read, terrifying) feelings…

usually, when we find a lump under our skin, it is a swollen lymph node. not necessarily cause for alarm, but a definite signal from our body that we are fighting something off. the lymph node swells as it encapsulates something nasty and floods the lymph node with white blood cells to fight off said nastiness. kinda of reminds me of sneezing. our bodies have amazing abilities to cleanse and heal. we really ought to support these efforts!

so what our lymph nodes and why do they suddenly enlarge?

since I am not a doctor, I will cite this definition of a lymph node from MedicineNet and then I will tell you why the lymphatic system loves RockStar RollOn!

Lymph Node: one of many small, bean-shaped organs located throughout the lymphatic system. the lymph nodes are important in the function of the immune response and also store special cells that can trap cancer cells or bacteria that are traveling through the body through the lymph.

soooo, if you have a swollen lymph node, that means something not so fab is traveling through your body. fortunately, your wonderful amazing lymphatic system is rising to the occasion and blasting that nastiness with white blood cells. this action effectively contains, destroys and filters out the nastiness. including the “big C for cancer” nastiness…

pretty cool huh?

RockStar RollOn contains many essential oils known to help encourage lymphatic flow and stimulate “phagocytosis”. in laymen speak, these powerful essential oils encourage the white blood cells to flood the lymph, devour the nasties and clean up our lymphatic system. this way, the lymph can continue it’s job of keeping our systems flowing, smoothly, easily and effortlessly.

I always encourage you to listen to your intuition, seek professional help when you need it. I also encourage you to take early steps to heal yourself. using RockStar RollOn on your neck, behind your ears, under your arms (and even on your groin area where we have sooo many lymph nodes!) helps to keep your body flowing smoothly, able to easily filter all the nasties that inevitably come your way. I will leave you with this lovely little graphic of the lymphatic system, courtesy of Wikipedia, so you know where to Roll your RockStar RollOn!