Valentine’s Gift for you

I like to scrub my face…

my face however, does not like to be scrubbed. while it feels fabulous, my skin ends up looking red and bumpy and too much scrubbing actually makes me break out.

I am a metalsmith however and my face gets dirty, so I scrub!

this lovely cloth, TO THE RESCUE! and a little gift for you šŸ™‚

this soft cloth has been an absolute game changer for me. I wouldn’t call it a microfiber cloth, rather a super soft “buffing” cloth because after “scrubbing” my skin looks and feels so smooth, and I daresay, it glows.

I was so smitten so I bought a whole box of them to give to all of my new auto ship clients.

and this month, for Valentine’s Day, I would like to give one to you.

so, one of these lovely soft white cloths will be included with all Rockstar RollOn orders shipped between now and February 14th.

oh and the lovely red velvet ribbon is included too. so pretty in a ponytail