Which Rockstar RollOn is right for me?

Which Rockstar RollOn is right for me?

“How do I choose which Rockstar RollOn blend is right for me?”

Mostly the first question people ask, so this post breaks down the differences.Which Rockstar RollOn is right for me?

Rockstar RollOn Original is the first formula I have perfected and now consistently reproduced over and over that just works. Over several years of blending, using and improving, this is the core essential oil blend that first made me say, “yes, this works, healing is happening.:

Original is perfect for managing early teenage acne, cuts and scrapes, sunburn, bug bites and supports overall skin rejuvenation. your skin will simply look – and feel – better.

OG Plus is the Original formula with the addition of my new organic hemp oil blend. Each OG Plus packs 150mg of full-spectrum CBD in synergy with the oils, and the result is nothing short of amazing when used topically.

Surface pain relief is nearly immediate. Redness begins to fade away. I developed this blend at my daughter’s request: “Please make me a roll on like Original formula but with the CBD”. The concentration of oils in the Extra blend are sometimes too strong for the wee ones, but the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are simply invaluable to children.

So that said, Rockstar RollOn Extra starts with the Original formula, but doubles the concentration of essential oils. Plain and simple. So when I say “super concentrated”, I am super serious.

This is the roll on you want if you are looking to quickly remove a spot from your skin, get rid of that skin tag, tackle that nail infection once and for all.

Rockstar RollOn Extra is also designed specifically to relieve topical inflammation with the addition of 250mg of full spectrum CBD in our organic hemp oil blend. CBD has been shown to provide powerful anti-inflammatory pain relief and healing. Extra’s higher concentration of ingredients has provided users with more relief in some cases than I thought even possible.

RA November 8, 2018

I have tried this out myself for months now, making sure that the CBD is really worth adding to Rockstar RollOn and I can honestly and unequivocally say YES IT IS. the pain relieving and thus anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are not to be overlooked if you are managing chronic pain.

Its simple really. Pain is inflammation. we need to reduce inflammation in order to feel better. with the addition of CBD, OG Plus and Rockstar RollOn Extra can help!