How long will my RockStar RollOn last?

RockStar RollOn ~ heal yourself

How long will my RockStar RollOn last me? How long until I need a new one?

Almost everyone asks this question, one way or another, so I’ve gathered some thoughts here. Some are from conversations with early users, some are my own experiences using the RollOn in its current formulation.

RockStar RollOn ~ heal yourselfFirst, like just about anything, the ‘real’ answer will depend on what you use your RollOn for, how big an area and how often.

Next, always remember, that all the RollOns are super concentrated. This is especially true for the Rockstar RollOn ~ Extra blend. So a little roll is all you need. Don’t roll back and forth, back and forth. You DO NOT need more than one layer of the blend!

Now, with those two things said, here are two general “kinds” of rolling that I hope helps answer this question for you!

Skin Care

If you use the RollOns regularly on your face, your skin will glow like this and you won’t ever want to be without.

LH November 23, 2018

My daily routine goes something like this, using mostly RockStar RollOn ~ OG Plus. After washing my face in the morning, and after getting ready for bed in the evening, I lightly roll on my cheeks, nose, forehead, temples, chin and then gently blend in any extra “blue” with clean fingers.

If no one else uses that RollOn, it will last me about a month with this routine. This became the baseline for the new autoship program. You can expect your RollOn to last about one month with simple daily use.

Problem Areas

Now if you only roll when you have a problem area on your face, your RollOn may last longer. When you treat spots, you should roll more frequently to get the full effect. Depending on the spot, as much as every few hours can speed relief. So for only handling infrequent acne, cold sores or a sunburned nose ~ all small areas ~ your RollOn may last more than a month.

If you have chronic problem areas, your RollOn may last less than a month, especially if they are larger surface areas. Shoulders, elbows, and fingers all come to mind as use cases that (so far) use RollOns faster.

Rockstar RollOn PostOpHere’s an extreme example. My husband recently had hernia surgery, incision about three inches long, initial bruising and pain in larger surrounding area. He went through two Rockstar RollOn ~ Extras in one week, applying every time we changed heat or cold packs. Hardly any swelling at all, bruising cleared up in the first day, and the wound is healing beautifully.

At first I was gobsmacked at how much he was using. He said the RollOn really helped with the pain, too ~ isn’t that why I made it? I laughed and had to agree ~ after all activating cannabinoid receptors and delivering synergistic anti-inflammatory effects is what adding full spectrum crude hemp (and CBD!) to Rockstar RollOn is all about.

He’s just happy my prescriptions don’t ever run out 😉