Ice it. Beauty hacks on the road

Beauty hacks with ice!

Traveling. I love it as much as ever.

And not because it can be hard on my skin, my body, my psyche, my 2 ‘tweens. One now taller than his mother 😉

you can always get ice.Beauty hacks on the road have become a personal specialty for me. How to keep inflammation at bay while travelling, is basically what it is all about, and ice is my magic secret.

so start with a cube or small hunk of ice, stand over a sink, and ice your clean face. do this post shower or face washing. use your RockstarRollOn Original. This is the most valuable cheap trick to looking and feeling alive and well.

go down the neck to give your immune system a wee boost. just ice yourself down. a good wash cloth is helpful so your fingers don’t freeze. the first moment of ice on skin is wicked cold, but in a minute you never want to stop.

when you do, give your skin a few minutes to warm up. then use either RockstarRollOn Extra or RockstarRollOn Og Plus.

your skin will glow, your sinuses will feel better, your eyes will de-puff, your lips will un-pucker, your lymph nodes will thank you 🙂

the icing stimulates collagen growth. somehow, someway (google baby, google) and when you are done, your skin is oh so receptive to what you put on it, ig, Rockstar RollOn. it is truly is nothing short of amazing the benefits of taking away the inflammation, causing blood flow. encouraging the skin to cleanse.

the cheapest easiest travel trick I know. and if you have a Rockstar RollOn in your pocket, you have a super mega treat for yourself.

Rockstar RollOn, on ice please

I couldn’t resist…