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yesterday morning, I awoke to a message from a client and self-avowed La Mer face creme “addict” who started using Rockstar RollOn. Honestly, I don’t know too much about the product except that it costs a bloody fortune and is very highly regarded. Check out what she has to say:

PS November 11, 2018

naturally I’m thrilled to hear this and decide to share it on Instagram with some other “early adopters” (and early risers).

these little comments are gold to me (okay, lets go with platinum… sorry, metalsmith humor) because this is why I put Rockstar RollOn out there in the first place. I know, from some serious personal experience, what it’s like to have something on you, or in you, that isn’t good.

GJ November 10, 2018

MN November 11, 2018

WM November 11, 2018

whether it is an unsightly spot that bothers you or is worrisome, painful, heading towards malignancy, if you want to heal it fast, without side effects, consider Rockstar RollOn. there is no skin ailment that I have not seen respond to this blend. serious.

think of this… prescription creams contain cocktails of hydroquinone, tretinoin, retinoids, steroids, and I am sure they work. but they can be harsh, leave you with scars and so upset the natural healthy flora of the skin, perhaps try something a bit more natural first?

and if you would like to weigh in with your Rockstar RollOn experience, come share with us on Instagram 🙂