how Rockstar RollOn can help ease “back to school”

back to school. excitement, stress, anticipation, anxiety…

our kids are dealing with so many kinds of stress these days, how can Rockstar RollOn help?

first let’s talk the obvious: acne, little bumps on the skin, blisters, cold sores, scratches, rashes, curious spots… but imagine if in your backpack, your pocket, your wallet, you have a discreet little brown bottle of Rockstar RollOn and you can quickly and easily treat that spot…well that is one stress gone.

here is the thing I love most about Rockstar RollOn: while your kids are rolling on to treat a spot, a wound, a rash, a bug bite…they are also strengthening their immune systems. seriously. this essential oil formula encourages your lymphatic system to drain, to cleanse, and encourages healthy cell turnover. so while your kid is focused on getting rid of acne, eczema etc, Rockstar RollOn is helping to keep nasty germs away.

teaching our kids how to heal themselves, teaching them how to calm and soothe, to reduce inflammation, I think we owe them this much. as parents and teachers, we can empower our children by teaching them body awareness, teaching them how to pay attention to what is going on within their bodies. early detection begins by being aware of ourselves, listening to the signals our body is giving us. ultimately, this is how we stay alive.

modern medicine is a wonder and a gift, but not when overused and abused. the beauty of Rockstar RollOn lies in it’s versatility and efficacy. it really works, on so many things, and it is simple, easy and discreet. teaching our kids that they have the ability to heal themselves from so many different ailments, simply and easily, is a way to empower them. yes, the doctors are there when you need them, but how wonderful is it when we don’t need them?!

every kids wants to feel like a rockstar, but it is hard to do that when when you have a big zit on your face or an itchy rash on your arm. let’s empower our kids. without a chemical cocktail with a list of side effects a mile long.

gonna leave that one right there. happy back to school everyone.