fading spider veins & varicose veins w/ Rockstar RollOn

Rockstar RollOn helps relieve spider veins

personally, I am a map of spider veins and pregnancy left me with one really lovely varicose vein cluster on my ankle.

so when formulating Rockstar RollOn, one of my goals was to create a formula that encourages circulation and blood flow and strengthens the capillary walls in our blood vessels. the Rockstar RollOn formula works to effectively break up the coagulated blood inside our veins and in turn, this strengthens the veins and helps to rid the unsightly and painful blood clots that make up these nasty spider veins and varicose veins.Rockstar RollOn helps relieve spider veins

what causes varicose veins and those lovely purple spider veins? in a nutshell, sluggish blood flow and poor circulation. age, genetics, pregnancy, sex, these all figure into the equation. so if you are considering varicose vein treatment or sclerotherapy for spider veins, you might want to grab a Rockstar RollOn to help you, before during and after!

here is a testimonial to give you hope. it means so much to me because it confirms that even the Rockstar RollOn Original formula is strong enough to break up this stagnant blood and encourage healthy circulation.

Dear Heather,

I LOVE the Rockstar Roll-on! Daily use is fading my spider vein clusters so they are looking less and less like huge bruises. I recently finished my first bottle of Original and just received my first bottle of Extra. Thanks ever so much!

I am so excited to hear how the Rockstar RollOn Extra is going to work on fading her spider veins! this is an example of when more will be better. so perhaps, before you head in for varicose veins treatment, or if your veins just need a little love, give Rockstar RollOn a try!