“Think about making a larger bottle!”

Frankincense and more

I am still gobsmacked by this testimonial. People are using Rockstar RollOn to support more healing issues than I ever imagined. I think it simply is the gravity of both diseases coupled with a testimonial of relief, that brings tears to my eyes.

I so enjoy using Rockstar RollOn. I had cancer plus am battling chonic long term lyme disease that includes joint swelling and neuropathy in the distal calves. Diagnosed by a muscle biopsy at Brigham Womens in Boston, MA. My husband uses Rockstar Roll-On for post polio. Think about making a larger bottle! I am a long term customer and love the sophisticated but laid back style of your jewelry. Who would have guessed? Jewelry and RockStar Roll-On. A win, win!!”

I am forever grateful to Dr. Shawn Centers of San Diego, Hunter’s first pediatrician, for introducing me to essential oils. I simply had no idea at the time they were so powerful. what a treasure, so available to us all.

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