Rockstar RollOn helps kill nail fungus

Rockstar RollOn helps kill nail fungus

Eeew, I know. As a metalsmith, obsessed with my hands, I know nail infections all too well. I cringe when I think of the months of agony I could have saved myself, had I only made Rockstar RollOn so many years ago.

nowadays, I still mess up my nails, cuticles, toenails, but I nip it in the bud, right away, by rolling Rockstar RollOn on the nail and covering with a bandaid. keep it dry, keep it covered with oil, and that fungus will die. DIE FUNGUS DIE!!!


not only will the infection go away, but the nail bed, the cuticle and surrounding skin, will heal and look better than ever.

give your cuticles some love everyday, those fingers work hard for you.