Rockstar RollOn, your kid’s face, and acne treatment

As a mom, finding an acne treatment without chemicals that works was a big factor in developing Rockstar RollOn. Because hormones are tough on the skin, and acne is tough on a kid’s self-image.

Giant understatement, I know – we all remember 🙂

Rockstar RollOn, your kids face, and acneThen couple all those hormones with everyday life, dirt and air pollution, sweat and stress and maybe not the best diet. Boom, acne breakouts. some even sore and angry and inflamed … oy.

Enter Rockstar RollOn. Every oil in my core blend is geared towards calming, clarifying, disinfecting and regenerating your skin.

Working together in synergy, these oils help reduce acne redness, irritation and swelling in the short term, and minimize acne scarring over the long term… and not just for kids 😉

Rockstar RollOn


Rockstar RollOn is perfect for little rockstars because its easy to use. If they are rocking a really bad spot (or zit!) Rockstar RollOn fits in their pocket so they can discreetly roll it on anywhere and often until its gone. Plus it smells amazing.

an ounce of prevention…

Make Rockstar RollOn part of an easy daily routine that can help your kids prevent the worst of acne inflammation and self-image distress. after *gently* washing their face in the morning and evening, roll lightly on nose, cheeks, chin and temples and lightly blend into skin. use throughout the day on spots as needed.

Teach your kids to be their own rockstar. Not just by having good skin care habits. Eating better and getting enough sleep according to their age will also work wonders in preventing the worst of acne from impacting your kids.

When everything is “budding” for your kid and life is blooming, well, who needs pimples and spots to bloom, too, to worry about, or ugh, pick at?! Nobody like pimples and many dislike the side effects of the harsher meds and acne treatments out there that get rid of them. Try Rockstar RollOn on your little rockstar and watch them shine.