The Big “C” (whispers “Cancer”)

talking about cancer

Full disclosure, I am not sure I will even publish this post.  so if you’re reading this, know that it came from the depths of me. I do worry about sharing my story with the big “C” – cancer.

yes, I had it.  a big plum sized hunk of it in my ascending colon (my cecum to be exact).  according to the doctors, it had been in there, silently growing (and being ever so well fed) for 10-15 years. this was 12 years ago. I was 37, a skinny vegetarian with no family history of colon cancer.

insert big huge “expletive”

so without boring you with the details of the particular cancer that grew inside my colon and perforated the wall of my bowel, I come to the reason for the post. Essentials oils made me well, well in a way I had never been. Oh and if you must know, an amazing man cut that tumor out and resected my colon, (rest in peace Dr. Joseph Bardenheier, I owe you my life). talking about cancer

so cancer is the reason I created my Rockstar RollOn in the first place.

first let’s start with what is cancer?  simply put, it is a mutation of a cells within our body.  why does cancer occur?  because something happens that irritates the cells, gives them permission to mutate.  well our cells mutate every single day.  basically, cancer is occurring in your body as we speak.  however, when you eat good food, hydrate with clean water, get good sunlight and quality rest, your cells rejuvenate, regenerate and are restored.


as it turns out, essential oils that are grown, distilled and extracted without chemical solvents (beware the cheap oils! you get what you pay for!) are incredibly effective in triggering our cells to rejuvenate. the hydrocarbons, (terpenes, monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes etc) as well as the oxygenated compounds (phenols, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, esters, lactones etc) have a healing and regenerating effect on damaged or compromised cells in our bodies. My studies are what ultimately led to the creation Rockstar RollOn. I have been working on this with a special intention: to stay alive and raise my kids with my amazing husband. the part about it making my skin look great?

total bonus

it is true that essential oils are extremely potent and powerful and can cause harm when used indiscriminately, for me, however, I knew that the prescribed chemo cocktail of leucovorin with fluorouracil would do more harm.

*I would like to say this: cancer is the most personal journey I have ever been on. what is right for one person may not be right for another. when asked, I always say, do what resonates with you, deep inside you know what is right for you*

more cancer … skin cancer has figured all too prominently in my family, appearing on both maternal and paternal sides. the dermatologist used to always want to “cut that out, biopsy that baby”. so a huge part of formulating Rockstar RollOn has been to help me remove spots, before the Dr. has a chance to cut them out or burn them off. All those raw red burned off spots… ooh,
not if I can help it.

so at the risk of angering the medical establishment, after I left the hospital, I got better without the use of pharmaceuticals. And Rockstar RollOn was born.

I am just going to leave that right here 🙂