Why jojoba oil is the only carrier oil

Why jojoba oil?

Well, one of the things that led me to share Rock Star RollOn is the fact that my skin rebels against so many truly “natural” oils. How many of you relate to this?!

for instance, rosehip seed oil is fantastic for skin, great anti aging.  but it makes me red and itchy.

vitamin e is also super healing and moisturizing.  but it has made my lips red and sand papery itchy, won’t risk that reaction, ever again.

almond oil is lovely, but nuts can kill the wrong person, so no nuts oils in Rock Star RollOn.

enter, jojoba oil. jojoba oil differs from other oils because is isn’t actually an oil (or lipid), rather it is a liquid wax (an ester to be precise). as it closely resembles human sebum, it is easily absorbed by the skin where it loosens up dead cells without stripping the skin’s natural lipid barrier. it rinses off easily and is the perfect carrier oil to penetrate the epidermis without any allergenic, comedeogenic reactions. it has an extraordinarily long shelf life and won’t go rancid (not that any of the oils in Rock Star RollOn would let that happen 🙂

organic jojoba is very different from non organic. you can feel it in the texture. non organic is much “thinner”. not sure about all the pesticides and chemicals used in the extraction of the ester from the jojoba seed, but not interested.

rest assured, Rock Star RollOn is only made with the highest quality pure organic jojoba oil. yes, it is more than twice as expensive as non organic, but remember, I made this roll on to save my life.

I am happy to pay a bit more for that 🙂