Rolling on… natural flu prevention

Rockstar RollOn

Flu season again.  Natural flu prevention is different now that we live in Florida, but as a mom, I take it just as seriously as up north. School age kids plus season changes equals “be prepared” in my book.

Some people get flu shots. We use Rock Star RollOn.  A simple addition to your morning/evening routines is all it takes.

Rockstar RollOnAfter a warm shower or bath, the pores of your skin are most open to absorb what’s good for it. Grab your Rock Star RollOn and get rolling.  Start on your face, roll around your sinuses, down your neck, around your ears and on your wrists.

In these key places, your skin will rapidly absorb Rockstar RollOn and begin to gently revitalize, cleanse and rejuvenate the cells in your body.  Super simple. No pharmaceutical side-effects. No heavy, clinging chemical scent or sticky feeling on your skin.

Rock Star RollOn will just sink right in and help cleanse your lymphatic system of all the nasties.

In addition to being simple, this preventative flu regime has amazing benefits, like smooth clear skin on our face and neck (hello vanity!).

More you can do

You can roll on other parts of the body to optimize absorption of Rock Star RollOn and its support of your natural immunity. At the risk of too much information, here are two more that I do.

Also after showering, I roll all around my groin. There are so many lymph nodes where your legs meet your pelvis! In my mind, this is one of the most important spots on the body to use Rock Star RollOn, because the skin is thin and always protected. Both maximize absorption and so, results.

I also roll on the inside of my ankles and the soles of my feet, and always before socks. The soles of the feet are one of the most powerful delivery points of the active constituents of essential oils into the blood stream.

Does it work?

We’ve been working on this routine for more than a few years in my family. My kids missed the fewest days of anyone in their classrooms up north. We don’t get sick when we travel through airports.

And when one of us does catch it, we kick it quickly without turning to over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, shots, or antibiotics, because Rock Star RollOn helps strengthen your natural immune system while it fights off those nasties.

So far, so good. So healthy.