Rolling on… hemorrhoids

I have been giving out Rock Star RollOns to friends to try out for the past month.  had lunch with one gf last week and she shared with me some “intimate” details of how she successfully cured herself with her Rock Star RollOn Anti Inflammatory blend

seems she had a hemorrhoid, although at first she wasn’t sure what was troubling her, she actually thought that maybe she had a tumor on her bum!  poor thing, the stress of that!

thankfully, Rock Star RollOn came to the rescue and not only provided relief, but made the whole “tumor” disappear.  fast. and while I don’t believe hemorrhoids ever actually disappear, the inflammation decreased, the pain subsided, and that little bugger calmed right down.

this makes perfect sense to me.  the RollOn contains a number of essential oils that help reduce inflammation, tighten capillaries and constrict blood vessels.

I asked my girl friend if she would write a testimonial and I got the response…”about my bum?!  are you kidding me?!?”  so in lieu of her embarrassing herself to all the Rock Star RollOn world, let this be her “testimonial” 🙂

*post update* Rock Star RollOn provided so much relief to another friend’s bum that I finally got myself the “i got relief right away!” testimonial 🙂