what I use on my skin

this is a question I am often asked so I thought I would share. of course I use my Rock Star RollOn, religiously. literally all day long (love to roll it over the top of my lip, right where that little stress line likes to appear), but what about the fun stuff, mascara, lipgloss?

and may I add, this is not a paid ad, I get nothing from this company.  I just love them with all of my product obsessed heart. and not only do they vehemently oppose animal testing and animal ingredients, they always donate to animal rescue orgs. put your money where your heart is.

in 2006 when I made the executive decision NOT to have chemo after the plum sized tumor was removed from my colon, I decided to radically reduce my chemical exposure.  after cleaning the kitchen (which honestly was really pretty chemical free at the start), I turned to my bathroom.  for the first time in my life, I began to really examine what was in my cosmetics.


it was a bit painful, back then, throwing out my beloved chanel lipstick, my favorite name brand (won’t trash anyone else) mascara and face creme…  a bit of quick googling however quickly turned me onto my now forever favorite line, 100% pure.  using plant based pigments and organic ingredients, they not only make cosmetics that have ingredients that I understand (no fancy chemical “oh but its natural” stuff), their products are safe if you happen to consume them.

lick your lips anyone? have littles who like to play with makeup?

’nuff said. check them out if you feel so inclined. I love the mascaras and the lip glosses. and little secret, they have the best specials around the holidays if you sign up for their newsletter.

chemical free lipgloss rockstars, unite 🙂