so, I picked at my face …


I know, cardinal rule, don’t pick.  but I have always struggled with this and will most likely continue to do so.

Rock Star RollOn is in part, “damage control” for this very bad habit.

quick back story on this picking incident and subsequent damage control protocol.

post holidays, I find myself with a persistent annoying pimple on the side of my face.  the “digestion area” of the face. too much flour, butter, sugar… and this little pimple just wouldn’t go away.  enter my super fabulous tweezerman tweezers (can you tell how much I love my tweezers?).

well suffice to say, my late night picking incident left me with a big angry spot that would most definitely leave a scare if I didn’t do damage control, ASAP!

enter my Rock Star RollOn.  constantly, all day long, whenever I thought about it, I rolled it on. and of course, the spot has completely disappeared.

Rock Star RollOn absorbs quickly, I even use it over my daily sunscreen creme. all. day. long.

and, I will not scar. the pimple will not return. and once again, I will vow never to pick 🙂

and hopefully next time i have an overindulgence breakout, I will grab my Rock Star RollOn before I even think about picking!!!

p.s I mentioned this pimple and subsequent healing to a gf who replied “oh that was a bad one, it was all red and angry looking”.  oy.   just in case i didn’t know how badly i had picked!