Honey Rock Star Roll On DIY mask

this morning while making kid’s lunch, I realized my skin was feeling dry. we had to turn on the heat *gasp* yesterday and already I am feeling it.  so I grabbed my Rock Star RollOn, rolled all over my face, and then reached for the honey jar and slathered some of the that liquid gold all over my face.


so moisturizing, honey is a natural humectant, meaning it draws moisture.  honey also happens to heal, reduce inflammation and kill bacteria.  it is precious, those bees work hard to make that gold, but you need just a little bit.


after using the roll on, the honey glides on easily.  just give yourself a sheer coating and then go about your morning.  this is also great to do in the bath at night, honey is so soothing.

Not only do I NOT have the time or budget for fancy face masques, many of them just irritate my sensitive skin. This simple combo of Rock Star RollOn and honey always leaves me with a bright and moisturized glow.

of course we always have honey in the house. honey is a necessity for any metalsmith (ever heal a burn with honey?  oh yes…

oh and kissing the kids this morning elicited some delightfully sweet squeals 😉